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Defense/Military Program Management

Additional Defense/Military Program Management Information:

TARDEC/TACOM U.S. Army Research and Development Center  

Cyber Security – (Direct) Computer Engineer – Science & Technology Team Leader & Cyber Penetration Testing  2016-Present  Ground Systems Cyber Engineering                                         

Prior Assignment - Intellectual Property Development – Chief Scientist Office -Invention Evaluation Committee (contractual through GTA & Alion) (February 2010 – July 2016)

  • Manage the invention disclosures & intellectual property development for U.S. army TARDEC Research & Development Center.  Work with TARDEC scientists and technical staff/engineers to develop new inventions and intellectual property. 

  • Develop Invention disclosures for prosecution & drafting of patent applications & develop responses to office actions, conduct searches, and infringement/freedom to practice analyses.  Develop technologies through joint research and development collaboration and contracts with defense contractors, universities, and other entities.  Develop joint research and development contracts with defense contractors, universities, and other entities. 

  • Technologies include: software methods/processes, latency reduction, human machine interfaces, displays, warnings, sensors, sensor fusion, sensing processes & algorithms, software algorithms & process, robotics, manufacturing, battery, fuel cells, hybrid/electric vehicle, generators, capacitors, energy storage, gasoline diesel combustion engines, fuel/energy control systems, sensors, transducers, acoustics, armor, robotics, gyroscopes, thermal measurement, fire sensing/extinguishment, solid state electronics, spintronics, blast mitigation. injury reduction, mobility systems,  IED & blast detection & injury mitigation, optical/vision/camera/infrared/lidar/radar 360º assessment, active/passive safety systems, AC/DC conversion, telecommunications, command, control, electrical/electronic satellite radio mobile communications data transmission, survivability, lethality, manufacturing, crash mitigation and crash avoidance.  Occupant injury mitigation.

  • Extensive experience in ITAR, FAR, and DoD government contracts and subcontracts.


Principal Systems Engineer-Team Lead


  • Experience in risk management, trade studies, risk mitigation, US government defense projects. Expert in vehicle electrical system architecture.

  • Extensive experience in requirements management, writing requirements and technical specifications.

  • Cross-Functional Team Leader of on-site team of systems engineers supporting the Program Manager, Modular Brigade Enhancements United States Government Customer located at the US Army Arsenal in Warren, Michigan.  Conduct the analysis of mission systems requirements, as they relate to the implementation of combat capabilities across the family of current and future ground combat vehicles. 

  • Perform systems engineering analysis supporting the performance of systems-of-systems and systems evaluations.  Conduct architecture trades necessary to balance capability, risk, affordability, and supportability.  Develop a set of systems engineering foundation documents that establish the tenants for comprehensive mission systems integration. 

  • Provide best value approaches to systems engineering training.  Responsible for overall program/project management, cross-platform commonization, process improvement, metrics reporting, and overall requirements planning, establishment, & documentation.  Provide consultation and oversee development of CMMI processes, software, and requirements to enable customer to achieve CMMI Process capability and improvement.

General Dynamics                                                                                                                                            

Risk Analysis/Trade Studies Systems Manager


  • Perform trade studies, systems engineering, as well as program, system, and component risk identification, analysis,

  • Mitigation and overall risk management for department of defense projects.  Manage Program Cross-Functional Teams.

  • Responsible for Requests for Information, and selecting/managing suppliers for defense systems and components.

  • Establish Metrics and Evaluation criteria for supplier and supply chain assessment. 

  • Perform Make/Buy analyses, selection of component and system integration alternatives, and select suppliers based

  • On Metrics Evaluation.  Programs include Abrams Tank, Stryker, and Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle variants.

  • Experience in risk management, opportunity management, trade studies, risk mitigation, US government defense projects.

  • Extensive experience in requirements management, DOORS, writing requirements and technical specifications.

Technical Program and Systems Manager — Continuous Process Improvement, Six Sigma (Black Belt), New Product & Technology Development, Project & Budget Management, Risk/Opportunity Management & Compliance, Innovation and Intellectual Property, Lean Manufacturing.  Direct Experience in all aspects of Six Sigma leadership, with Six Sigma Projects in process conformance, Requirements Development, Configuration Management and process artifact & document development.  Experience in CMMI, software requirements development and system maturity level improvement as well as Quality Management Systems.  Experience in leading teams and departments in developing and implementing metrics and measures, and the incorporation of metrics and measures from lower level sub-processes to higher enterprise level processes, and organizational balanced scorecards.  Extensive experience in New Product and Technology Development. Leader of Cross Functional Teams.

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